Frequently Asked Questions

What is FestiGAL?

FestiGAL is a subscription box company created for girls who love going to music festivals. We want to provide you with awesome stuff to help give you the best festival experience possible. We also think that you should live every day festive, meaning the festival should last even after the festival is over. We love the good vibes and happiness so why not live that way all the time? With FestiGAL you can, even if you aren't attending a music festival this year, our box can help you feel like you didn't miss out!

How does it work?

When you subscribe to FestiGAL, you will first choose your size. Sometimes we will send items that you can wear. Secondly you will choose your style depending on the type of festival goer you are, PLUR Baby or Gypsy Soul. Lastly you will choose which type of payment plan, either month to month or 6 month prepay.  Of course we cannot forget to mention the best part, we send you super cool stuff!

How are the boxes priced?

The boxes are priced $29.99 per month, or purchase 6 months for a discounted rate at  $159.99 

When are boxes shipped? 

Boxes are shipped around the first of each month, provided the first lands on a business day or a Saturday.

I ordered my box, why isn't it here yet? 

From the date you ordered your box, you will receive your box the following month. Because we ship our boxes on the first, the cut off window ends at midnight, the night before the 1st. Let's have a closer look: Lets say you ordered your box May 4th, your box will ship June 1st. If you ordered your box May 29th, your box will also ship June 1st. If you order your box on the first (the day of shipment) you will not receive that months box, you will get the following months. 

Do we ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Note that shipping rates will vary depending on your country. Sometimes shipping may cost as much as the box itself, please be aware of this before making your purchase. Shipping prices are set by carriers, not FestiGAL.  

How does canceling my subscription work?

You can cancel your subscription at any point in time. If you do not wish to receive any more boxes, be sure to cancel your subscription before the 15th of the month. Your subscription will automatically renew on this day and put you in the queue to receive one more box. Canceling on the 15th will not void the charge. If you cancel after the 15th you will receive the following months box, which will be your last. 

Can I skip a month?

You can skip a month instead of paying for every month. Maybe money is a little tight but you don't want to cancel your subscription? This option works great and still allows you to receive boxes when you are ready for them. 


FestiGAL is a subscription box for girls who love going to music Festivals! Each of our boxes will supply all your festival needs. Whether its your first music festival or your 50th, FestiGAL will keep you prepared. We will provide you with items to look cute, feel good and camp comfortably!